Our new Sew-Cial Clubs are off and running!  Have you registered to attend one?  This year, as a token of our appreciation for your support and your business, these learning opportunities are absolutely FREE to you.  And only those who attend this year will be extended a discount for next year’s club registration fee. 

What you learn can be used in any type of sewing/embroidery project and you will be surprised how your creative muscles begin to get stronger following one of these sew-cial workouts!  They are all lecture/demo format and the BERNINA Educators presenting the programs are wonderful.  Give it a try this quarter.  You will be glad you did!

Sewing Machine Sew-Cial Club:

On the Edge- BERNINA Hemmer Feet

Saturday, Apr. 15, 1:30-4:30

Learn to beautifully finish any edge with the BERNINA hemmer feet. Using industry-inspired feet, create hems on a variety of fabrics. BERNINA Feet #61, #62, #63, #64, #66, #68 and #69

Designing with Circles

Saturday, May 20, 1:30-4:30

Add circular motifs to any project with the Bernina Circular Embroidery Attachment. Create circular patchwork, applique couched effects and use decorative stitches – all with this one amazing device that works with a wide range of presser feet! Circular Attachment #83, Open Embroidery Foot #20/20C/20D, Clear Embroidery Foot #39/39C and Walking Foot #50

Just Couch it!

Saturday, June 10, 1:30-4:30

Add texture to your project any time with the couching feet. Find out the secrets to pairing them up with a variety of cord sizes. BERNINA Feet #12/12C, #21, #22, #23, #25, #43

Software Sew-Cial Club:

Quilting Made Easy

Wednesday, April 12, 1:30-3:30

Use Software 8 to efficiently create your next quilted project! See how quick and easy it is to add quilting stitches around designs that are perfectly placed. Create your next quilter project in Software 8

Beyond the Surface

Thursday, May 18, 10-12

Software 8 has six new puffy foam alphabets! Let’s investigate embroidering 3D fonts and digitizing designs to work with puffy foam. Embroider with Puffy Foam!

Reaching Beyond the Limits

Wednesday, June 7, 1:30-3:30

BERNINA Software 8 has new multi-hooping features. During this lesson, we will explore how this new feature works and how to best align designs that reach beyond the limits of your embroidery hoop. Explore the new multi-hooping features of Software 8!

Embroidery Sew-Cial Club:

Floral Cutwork Napkin

Friday, Apr. 7, 1:30-4:30

Reminiscent of vintage lace embroidery, now machine stitched with Kimberbell flair, our Floral Cutwork Napkin will complete any dining room table. Choose contrasting thread colors for a fun luncheon with girlfriends or stitch tone-on-tone for more formal occasions. An embroidered set would be enchanting at a wedding breakfast and make a lovely heirloom gift for the bride and groom.

Cute & Crabby Towel

Friday, May 5, 1:30-4:30

Crabby by definition means bad-tempered, grouchy, or cross, but our cute crabs are completely cordial. Choose one design for a hand towel and the other for the bath towel. With creative appliqué work and stitched broad smiles, these happy crabbers will have you smiling right back.

Pop of Summer Table Runner

Friday, June 2, 1:30-4:30

What’s the one thing that can make a hot summer day perfect? Defi nitely a popsicle on a stick! Juicy colors and appliquéd popsicles make this bright table runner just as exciting as the icy treat itself. Th is multi-hoop project has a pieced center section quilter