These machines have been lovingly used by our customers and traded in for upgrade. Each machine is in good working order and for sale. Please call 910-630-3912 or visit our store to inquire pricing and details. As always, we will help you sew happy to the best of our ability. 


2006 Gammill Statler Stitcher Long Arm System


Computerized Long Arm Quilting System

Optimum (30”) machine head in Special Red Color

Auxiliary close up handles on front

Under-quilt camera system

Vertical and horizontal spool pins

Twelve foot (12’) frame on large casters

Canvass zippered leaders

Batting Bar

Overhead Light Bar

Windows 10 Pro computer, Display screen, mouse, and keyboard, with 32 GB memory, 1 TB Solid State Drive (SSD), DVD-RW, 10 USB ports, Display adapter (VGA) plus HDMI adapter, WIFI,  Ethernet, Dual speakers

MOD E controller

Creative Studio 6.0 loaded on computer SSD, Copy of Creative Studio 6.0 can be loaded on customer’s computer

Over 1000 quilting patterns as received from Gammill loaded on SSD II.

Stand Alone Bobbin Winder (additional to on-head built-in winder)

Short (8”) and Long (23”) attachable ruler tables with ruler

Two additional sets (3 leaders/set) of zippered leaders (ends match leaders on rollers. These are in additional to the set on the machine itself

Machine oil

Timing adjustment tool

3 bobbin cases

20 bobbins

Large supply of needles

2 small screw drivers for needle and bobbin case, Set of Allen wrenches

Open toe foot, Stippling foot

Towa gauge for bobbin tension

Tajima gauge for top thread tension

Spare parts including handlebar switches, controller switches, bobbin case spring, thread guides, Internal bobbin winder O-ring



Bernina 740


accessories included:

spool disc x2 (L,M), red screwdriver, angular torx button, bobbins x4, oil, lint brush, touch pen, seam ripper, height com. tool, right seam guide, instr. manual, power cable, presser feet: 1D,1C,3A,4D,20C


Bernina 780 with Embroidery Module


accessories included:

presser foot lifter, accessories box, power cable, slide-on table, guide, instr. manual, spool disc x3, right seam guide, seam ripper, touch pen, gray Torx screwdriver, red screwdriver, Angular Torx button, lint brush, height comp. tool, lubricator, foam pad x2, template clip x2, 9mm standard plate, 5.5 standard plate, straight stitch plate, thread net x1, hoop x3 (S,M,L)


Bernina Artista 165 with embroidery module

accessories included:

Foot pedal, Instruction manual, Accessory box, slide on table, Knee lever, soft cover, 3 bobbins, presser feet: 1,20,4,5,3


Bernina artista 640


Bernina activa 230 + luggage

all proceeds will be donated to Women's Charity 



Bernina 535 with Embroidery Module + Trolley & Mod. bag



accessories included:

Power Cord, Foot Pedal, Bobbins + Case, Trolley, Instruction manual, Accessory box, slide on table, FHS, soft cover, basic accessories, 3 hoops, presser feet: 1,2,3A,4,20,BSR, Walking foot


Bernina 570 Tula Pink Special Edition with Embroidery Module


accessories included:

Power Cord, Instruction manual, Foot pedal, FHS, slide on table, soft cover, Accessory box, Needles, Height compensaion tool, small screwdriver, touchscreen pen, SS stitchplate, oiler, Bobbins, seam ripper, lint brush, 2 foam pads, 3 spool caps, large and medium oval hoop,  presser feet: 1C,1D,2A,3A,4D,20C,BSR