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Loving Stitches is a proud BERNINA Dealer of Excellence. No matter the level of sewer there is a knowledgeable staff her to help you find your perfect sewing machine. We provide training FREE Mastery classes on every BERNINA machine we sell. Come on in today to test drive a BERNINA and discover what's right for you.

We now carry EverSewn machines in our store. These are great for starter sewers!

Look below for a brief overview of our BERNINA machines .



In 1893 Karl Friedrich Gegauf invented the first hemstitching machine, thereby laying the foundation for the BERNINA brand. Since 1932, BERNINA sewing and embroidery machines and sergers have been turning fabrics into dreams. Whether used as a professional work tool or to enliven your leisure hours, a BERNINA is a good decision for years to come – sometimes even for a lifetime.



B 330

The BERNINA 330's broad variety of stitches are an invitation to try out and experiment, letting you create attractive stitch combinations that you'll want to use again the next time you turn on your machine. Whereas in the past, you'd need a notebook to jot down your stitch combinations, the BERNINA 330 offers a generous long-term memory with 30 free locations of your own stitch creations. 

MSRP- $1,399.00
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B 350 PE

The BERNINA 350 PE counts among its features a free-arm extension table enabling you to increase your work area quickly, affording you greater ease when sewing, and allowing for optimum control in guiding your project. Together with the bright LED sewing light, this provides you with the perfect view of your project. Large-format projects in particular can be handled effortlessly- and once you are done, remove the BERNINA 350 PE's extension table with the push of a button and return to free-arm sewing!

MSRP- $1,899.00
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B 480

The BERNINA 480 is the first of the all new 4-Series BERNINA machines. Incredible Automatic features save time like Automatic thread cutting with the press of a button. The extended freearm offers 7 inches right of the needle and allows plenty of room for projects, quilts and all kinds of creativity. Adjustable presser foot pressure allows for thin and thick materials by increasing or reducing pressure. An easy to navigate touch screen with modern color and on-screen support keeps you creating without a bind. Did we mention the JUMBO bobbin? The BERNINA Hook keeps those stitches consistent and precise at 900 Stitches per minute. 

MSRP- $2,799.00
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B 475 QE

The B 475 will be available beginning of 2019, and are we excited! The BERNINA 475 Quilter's Edition machine boasts some fantastic features that BERNINA is known for. Automatic thread cutting, Hands free sewing, Jumbo front load bobbin, adjustable pressure foot pressure, and an easy to navigate touch screen. Did I say Hands Free sewing? Yes, I did. With the BERNINA Free Hand System, you can lift or lower the presser foot using only the knee lifter allowing your hands to guide your projects to bigger and better things!


B 435

The BERNINA 435 will be available the beginning of 2019. With a 5.5 mm Stitch width, Jumbo front load bobbin, and the semi-automatic needle threader, sewing is easier than ever. The B 435 offers a HUGE selection of stitches and alphabets with 150 different decorative stitches. Finding a variety is easy, but choosing your favorite won't be! The Extended freearm gives you 7" to the right of the needle and adjustable pressure foot pressure give you range of materials for simplistic creativity!


B 530

For a limited time- The B 530 is available in 125th Anniversary Edition GOLD

 The BERNINA 530 boasts an extensive repertoire of utility and decorative stitches whose properties can be individually set. Stitch length and width as well as 11 different needle positions can be freely modified, and either temporarily or permanently saved to the 530's memory. The BERNINA 530 is therefore up to the challenge of a wide range of tasks, and provides you with optimum control over your sewing projects. The 530 has a clearly laid-out control panel which enables quick access to all stitch patterns and settings, including reverse and mirror function, manual or automatic buttonhole, and much more. Clever, practical and flexible- the ideal sewing machine for ambitious sewers.

 MSRP- $2,499.00
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B 570 QE

The B 570 QE provides an exclusive level of stitch control. Whether altering the stitch length (up to 5 mm), width (up to 5.5 mm) or needle position (up to 11) or even creating custom combinations, you'll appreciate the convenience of a machine that remember the stitch details for you. The B 570 QE is a genuine all-rounder that can sew and quilt. Additionally the B 570 QE can accept the optional embroidery module. The touchscreen makes changing from sewing to the embroidery mode a breeze. There are 50 embroidery designs to choose from, and you can upload your own embroidery designs via a USB connection. the designs can be edited right on the touchscreen with the Rotate, Mirror, Re-scale, and color change functions. 

 MSRP- $4,399.00
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B 590 E

Whatever you wish to embellish, the BERNINA 590 Embroidery puts a wide range of stitches at your disposal. Perfection is the new standard. No manual trimming of the top side is needed with the Thread Away mode and Invisible & Smart Secure. Your Embroidery will be incredibly clean. Sew Quieter, faster, longer and better. Achieve perfect stitches, Sew longer with the Jumbo front-load Bobbin and keep it consistent with the BERNINA Hook and get 1,000 stitches per minute!

 MSRP- $5,999.00
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B 700

*Embroidery only machine - Extra large embroidery area for large designs pinpoint placement for accurate design positioning. Easy access front load, Jumbo bobbin holding for more thread for fewer interruptions. Invisible & smart secure functions. Thread up command for perfect results. Achieve beautiful and clean results; especially with continuous quilting designs. Easily accessible with the direct-select button on the front of the machine. Machine lowers and raises the needle bring the bobbin thread to the top of the fabric so you can secure the threads manually. 

 MSRP- $5,999.00
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 B 740

The BERNINA 740 won over Swiss designer Mathias Ackermann right from the start.  "Working with a BERNINA has an inspirational effect on my designs. I love working with the BERNINA 740, and not just because of its well-engineered technology. Features such as the threader and the BERNINA stitch Regulator thrills me to bits. What's more, it's versatility inspires me with new ideas, and its user-friendliness is simply brilliant. It also sews the finest fabrics, effortlessly.

 MSRP- $4,999.00
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B 770 QE

For American quilt artist Tula Pink, the BERNINA 770 QE is something very special. "Next to my passion for my designs, I'm equally passionate about BERNINA. The BERNINA 770 QE gives me the space I need for quilting, plus the Stitch Regulator can't be beat for even stitches." Tula Pink plays with images the way a poet plays with words, turning innocuous traditional designs into mischievous little critters.  Check out the BERNINA 770 QE, with it's BERNINA hook with 9 mm stitch width, BSR, Dual Feed and all of it's glorious embroidery capability!

 MSRP- $6,499.00
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B 790 Plus

For a limited time- The B 790 Plus is available in 125th Anniversary Edition GOLD

The BERNINA 790 Plus is the perfect machine for grand ideas! This machine is enriched with exciting embroidery features like pinpoint placement, enhanced editing functions, and the BERNINA Hook sewing high-precision stitches up to 9 mm in width with speeds up to 1,000 stitches per minute. The bobbin holds 70% more thread than standard bobbins. The B 790 Plus offers a full 13-inch extended freearm including ten inches of space to the right of the needle. Enjoy a large sewing and embroidery area!

 MSRP- $12,499.00
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8 Series


B 880 PLUS

For a limited time- The B 880 Plus is available in 125th Anniversary Edition GOLD

The BERNINA 880 PLUS includes a library of over 1,764 stitches, conveniently stored by category for a wide variety of applications. You’ll find the perfect stitch for every sewing project. Over 460 high-quality embroidery designs, including motifs by well-known designers, and 12 font styles that are perfect for personalizing your projects. The B 880 PLUS touch screen gives you access to all stitch patterns and sewing stitches plus characters, for a total of over 1,700 imaginative stitches. With over 460 built-in designs and alphabets, embroidery is just a click away. Also, your own motifs can be quickly loaded onto the machine via two USB ports. With the addition of the Color Wheel, designs can be changed easily and coordinated to your favorite color scheme before you start embroidering. This makes it easy to choose the most beautiful colors for your embroidery project.

MSRP- $14,999.00
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